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Arthur Products


Arthur Products Threaded Vent Tubes



Belmore Packaging is the exclusive agent for Arthur Products in the Asia-Pacific region.  Arthur Products engineers quality threaded vent tubes and accessories to meet the growing needs of today's bottling industry. Our complete line of high-impact vent tubes are designed to prevent chipping, glass inclusion and protect the finish on glass and PET bottles as well as enhance filler performance, simplify maintenance and improve productivity.



Arthur Products custom manufactures threaded vent tubes to fit the following fillers:

    - Meyer

    - Crown

    - H & K

    - Simonazzi

    - Krones

    - And Others on Request



KHS (H&K) Vent Tubes: 

Arthur Products manufactures highly innovative and versatile FloTech vent tubes for KHS (H&K) fillers. All tubes are custom designed to your filling requirements.



Material Options

  • Stainless Steel

  • Nylon (6 colors)

  • All materials FDA approved


Design Options

  • Fixed length

  • Slotted w/adjustable sleeve

  • Stainless stem w/adjustable tip



KHS (H&K) Can Tubes: 

Arthur Products is the manufacturer of custom designed tubes for KHS (H&K) can fillers. They can be machined to your exact filling requirements.  



The tubes are available in a variety of colors. All materials are FDA approved.


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