Meet the Team at Belmore

Belmore Packaging combine specialist skills in spare parts, operations, maintenance, machine audits, strategy and technology with extensive industry experience make a difference to the operational performance of our clients.  

The Executive Team and highly skilled Field Support Engineers give Belmore Packaging a clear competitive edge in responding to clients requirements.

Darren Bellia

Warehouse Specialist (Parts Interpretorologist)

Darren has an eye for detail and is a specialist in spare part handling. With 17 years in the industry and 10 years in engineering he has a vast amount of knowledge to offer.

Nicole Gillan

Director / Office Manager

Nicole has been in the industry since 2010 working closely with Belmore Package's clients, staff, suppliers and contractors.  Overseeing the strategic and tactical management of Belmore, Nicole ensures the day to day operations are ran smoothly.     

Additionally, Nicole is responsible for a diverse set of administrative and accounting tasks while maintaining office operations, services and procedures in order to ensure organizational effectiveness, efficiency and safety.

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Wayne Richardson

Industrial Technician Electrical & Mechanical

Dual trade of Fitter Machinist and fully qualified Industrial Electrician backed with 26 years in the food and beverage industry gives Wayne a competitive edge when it comes to problem solving your manufacturing issues.

Craig Chessum

Mechanical Industrial Technician

Craig has been in the beverage industry since 1979, starting with Slades softdrinks in Melbourne. Craig is now repairing, overhauling Filler,  Carbonators and numerous other machines. Craig has extensive knowledge and experience in conveyor fabrication, installing to lines up to 7000 units per hour and so much more.  Additionally, Craig knowledge extends to welding on stainless tubing and fabrication of steel works.

Matthew Gillan

Sales / Mechanical Technician

Matthew has worked with Belmore for over 15 years in various roles.  Matthew can assist with machine audits, discussions on machine improvement and efficiencies along with problem solving.

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