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Micro Brewing:

Black Duck Brewery

Black Hops Brewery

Brendale Brewing Company

Brouhaha Brewery

Bucket Brewery

Burleigh Brewing Company

Can IT

Craft Canning

Fiji Brewery

Hops & Tales Brewery

Moorebeer Brewing Co.

Noosa Brewery

Prancing Pony

Samoa Brewery Limited

Seven Mile Brewing Co.

Slip Stream Brewery

SP Brewery

Stomping Ground Brewery

Sunshine Coast Brewery

The Little Brewing Company



Belmore Packaging is proud to serve over 100  customers in the Australiasian and Pacific region. We treat all of our customers like neighbors and provide them with the most attentive service with the most innovative products.


Just a few of our customers:


Bertshell Soft Drinks - Australia                             

Bickfords - Australia

Bulmer - New Zealand

Bundaberg Brewed Drinks - Australia

DB Breweries - New Zealand

Campari - Australia

Cascade - Tas, Australia

Cinnamon Co - Korea

Coca-Cola - Vic, NSW, WA, SA, QLD

Coca-Cola -  FiJi

Coca-Cola - Indonesia

Coca-Cola - New Zealand

Coca-Cola - Papua New Guinea

Coca-Cola - Singapore

Garage Beverages - Australia

Lion - New Zealand

McCashins Brewery - New Zealand

Nestle - NSW, QLD, Australia

Noosa Beverages - Australia

Pepsi - China, Australia

Pacific Industries - Papua New Guinea

Paradise Beverages - Papua New Guinea

Saxbys - Australia

Samoa Breweries - Samoa

Sanitarium - Australia

Schweppes - Vic, NSW, Qld - Australia

Sparkling Beverages - Australia

SP Breweries - Papua New Guinea

TruBlue - WA, NSW, QLD, Australia

Tappoo Eddie Hin Beverages - Fiji

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